ADOIT:Community Edition

  • based on established EA standards
  • easy to use
  • Switch instantly between 10 languages (incl. English, German, French & Spanish)
  • TOGAF(R)-certified
  • 100 percent free

ADOIT:CE Feature Breakdown

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ADOIT 30-Day Free Trial

ADOIT 30-Day Free Trial

  • 1 Full Access Architect Account – Document, analyse and manage your architecture
  • 1 Full Access Contributor Account – Collaborate with the EA team
  • Full set of features from the ADOIT professional editions – Visual analysis, web modelling, advanced search, management dashboards
  • Access to Getting Started videos
  • Technical Support

About us

The ADOIT:Community Edition is a free version of ADOIT – the professional enterprise architecture tool by the BOC Group. We are a technological leader in IT-based management tools and offer consulting services in the areas of IT Management, Strategy and Performance Management and Business Process Management.