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ADOIT Professional Edition – 30-Day Free Trial

  • 1 Full Access Architect Account – Document, analyse and manage your architecture
  • 1 Full Access Contributor Account – Collaborate with the EA team
  • Full set of ADOIT Pro features – Visual analysis, web modelling, advanced search, management dashboards
  • Access to Webinars
  • Technical Support

Cloud-based ADOIT Professional Edition

  • Full unlimited access to ADOIT
  • TOGAF-certified tool and method
  • Customizable and integrateable
  • Individual licencing options
  • Collaborative workflows for maintenance of the repository
  • Online 30-day free trial available
  • Always up-to-date with the latest major release of ADOIT

On-premise ADOIT:CE

  • 100% for free
  • Based on version 5.1 (2013)
  • Limited functionality compared to 30-Day Free Trial
  • Cloud-based ADOIT:CE coming soon!

ADOIT:CE vs. ADOIT Professional Editions

With ADOIT:CE you can quickly launch your enterprise architecture programme. It helps you boost stakeholder buy-in by demonstrating, with a few simple clicks, how applying EA can create value for your business.If you would also like to manage your service catalogue, handle IT risk and govern your entire IT, then the ADOIT professional edition is just right for you. ADOIT enables you to apply EA, IT governance, IT risk management and IT service management independently from one another or integrate them so all necessary information is accessible in one place. Go pro. Create instant value.
With ADOIT:CE you can cover a small, but key part of your company’s architecture. It provides you with a great start but at some point you may need to understand more and more dependencies. You may want to see the big picture of the structure of your organisation and analyse your company from the business department deep into the IT.
The moment you go pro
you will get an extended version of ADOIT with which you can cover your entire company’s architecture. You may decide to develop your own, individual ideas, viewpoints and analyses. Go pro. It’s never been simpler.
Using ADOIT:CE you will be able to capture and analyse your architecture from business to technology. Capturing basic information is imperative to get things going.
But there’s more to it: transform business and IT, implement efficient solutions, understand the implications before projects collide, make the right decision at the right time. Go pro. It’s time for a change.
ADOIT:CE is suitable for all EA roles, especially for users with extensive EA know-how, but what is more important is gaining buy-in from non-EA roles. We provide you with a web client where EA and non-EA roles alike can view, share and analyse information that is only pertinent to their role and that is presented to them on their very own individual landing page. Use the Administration Toolkit to manage all of your users and grant access rights based on different roles. Create your individual viewpoints and analyses. Go Pro. Break down barriers.

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